Japanese Human Tetris

Some people will this this is funny, some won’t. I kinda did. The only thing it needs is cheesy English voices dubbed over it.

Japanese Tetris

Not really a blog…

Just letting you know that there is a Pictures section now on kurtbranch.com. You can find them over on the right under the Pages section. Let me know what you think.

Lucky baseball fan or major loser?

This guy has caught a foul ball at 454 straight games. I don’t know whether to be amazed, or after watching this, be sad, or laugh. Anyway it’s pretty cool, especially when he breaks out with all the languages he can say “throw me the ball” in. You’ll especially laugh at the last one. Please comment. I’m begging you. I’m a loser and have to see that people are intrigued by my website. Please.

Auburn sports 3rd best football uniform

Like the title states, CNNSI.com posted their picks for the best uniforms in college football and Auburn’s was voted 3rd. Where was Alabama you ask? Probably paying a coach too much money. Anyway, I won’t spoil who was first, but I agree, especially when they go all white…the uniforms, not the players.
Here’s a link…10 Best CFB Uniforms

They also had the 10 worst uniforms the week before. I agree with most of them besides Notre Dame’s green unis. And I’ll ruin it for you: Oregon was the worst and I completely disagree. They have over 41 different uniform combinations or something like that. I don’t know why that matters to my argument but it does. It’s just one of those situations where they look so weird and ugly that it looks good.
Here’s the link…10 Worst CFB Uniforms

A look back.

*UPDATE* Sorry I got a little quick to post yesterday and didn’t realize that none of those videos were uploaded. Well they are now so go back and watch.

logo.gifWell since I just invited all my friends on facebook to a group promoting my website I assume some of you, or hopefully all of you, will come take a look. For all of those that used to frequent kurtbranch.com here’s a link to the old “Funny Stuff” page that most of you seemed to love. Oh and please dont just tear this page up verbally or click-ably. I know it’s ugly and plain and cheesy and boring, but I did it when I was just learning about web design so lay off. And by ‘clickably’ I mean if you come back here a ton and keep downloading the videos each time, pretty soon I will reach my bandwidth limit for the month. That means the site will be shut down by GoDaddy until the end of the month, so please don’t do that. To bypass that problem, just right click on the video’s name and click “Save link as…”, and then save it somewhere on your computer to where you can just watch it or show it to your friends from there. Don’t get me wrong, I want you and all your friends and family to frequent the site, but just for bandwidth sake, if you know you’re going to watch the video and show it off a ton, then please just save it rather than downloading it from the site everytime you want to watch it. Wow that turned into a boring post…anyway…use it, but don’t abuse it.

Here ya go…Old Funny Stuff

Sawyer from Lost at his best

*UPDATE* My wife thinks that if y’all watch this and see that he says S.O.B. a lot then y’all will think I am a bad person or that I condone such verbal use. The fact is that I do not condone it, I just think when it adds up it’s slightly humorous. Also, you just have to watch the show and know Sawyer for it to be funny. So I am not Satan and neither is the show Lost. AND I know she’ll think this makes her look like a controlling, mean, overbearing wife, but that is not true…I love her and she loves me.

CAUTION! If you don’t like hearing S.O.B. a lot then don’t watch this, if you do, then watch away.

Good job recruiting “experts”

auhelmet.jpgI can’t take credit for this list. It was sent to me by my father-in-law. He compiled this list of Auburn’s “prize” recruits since 2002. It’s funny how I don’t even remember 90% of their names. To quote my father-in-law, “To put signing day in perspective, I decided to revisit some of the recruits that have excited us in recent years. Most never played. A few played only a little. A few transferred.”

Anyway, here it is…
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A Telemarketer’s Nightmare

Someone sent me this clip of a radio show a while back. I Don’t remember who…anyway. It’s from Bob and Tom’s radio show, and its a recording of a guy who likes to pull pranks on telemarketers. Anyway, it’s pretty dang funny. Have a listen.