2008 Bracket Challenge-Elite 8 Results

Well we’re down to four, and for the first time in the history of the NCAA Basketball Tournament we have all #1 seeds in the Final Four. I think it’s safe to say that besides Auburn, these are obviously the top 4 teams in the country this year. I for one hope it ends up being UNC and UCLA, with UCLA taking the title, but anyway, I’ll be back next Saturday to post the results of the two Final Four games. Thanks for playing. Read more

2008 Bracket Challenge-Sweet 16 Results

No you aren’t looking at the results in the mirror. These are the actual standings after the first day of the Sweet Sixteen. The scoring system is really starting to help some people out, and it should. Who cares if you picked North Carolina over Mount Saint Mary’s? You should get more credit for picking North Carolina over Washington State, and most of you did. If you think you’re out of it, think again. Check our current leader’s ranking after the first few days. Thanks Tennessee. Read more

Lame-O Thursday: Montgomery Flea Market

I have watched these commercials from their inception when he simply spoke the catch phrase, “It’s just like, it’s just like a mini-mall”. What does that even mean? Was it supposed to be some catchy thing where you say, “Huh? Why did he say that twice?” and so it catches your attention, and you go shop there? I’ve seen the lameness grow with each commercial, but this one is so far the worst. Call me racist, but shouldn’t Sammy Stephens know that this is a lame rap? Let’s break it on down now.

Here’s a funny remix starring our favorite flea market rapper. It’s double your pleasure on this Lame-O Thursday.

Be sure to check back tonight as March Madness continues. I will have the standings posted shortly after the last game of the night.

2008 Bracket Challenge-Round 2, Day 2 Results

No major changes to the standings today. Most people got hurt with the same picks…stupid Georgetown for instance. Anyway, Happy Easter! Read more

2008 Bracket Challenge-Round 2, Day 1 Results

Well I knew my success couldn’t last long. One down, 3 to go. The stupid Pitt Panthers, my dark horse for the Final Four, lost tonight, and so did my lovable Dukies. Fortunately, I didn’t have them going much further. So I’m sure slowly but surely the rest of my Final Four will drop like flies. But for now, the Pitt loss is going to hurt…for a long time…at least for two more weeks.

We have some newcomers to the top of the rankings after today. The scoring system is starting to shake things up. People with less correct picks are ranked higher than people with more correct picks because the deeper we go, the more we will be rewarded by choosing correctly. Welcome, Mr. Hooie. Read more

2008 Bracket Challenge-Round 1, Day 2 Results

Well as I laid in my recliner all day, pumped full of Loritab, I witnessed many more upsets than day one of the tournament. The tournament is always kinda weird to me. I love watching upsets and game winning shots, but they usually aren’t the team I picked, so I don’t know how to act. It’s like Oh YES!…oh yeah…Anyway here are the results after day two. I’d like you all to notice a new name among the top 3 tied for 1st. Yes, it’s the same one you see in the address bar. The same idiot that’s sitting up at 11:38 writing this with 4 gaping holes in his gums. Oh well, more basketball tomorrow. Thanks for joining my group. Read more

2008 Bracket Challenge-Round 1, Day 1 Results

Well day one wasn’t too much of a shocker. There were only a few “upsets” (Kansas St., Texas A&M). The big shocker is who is number one in the 2nd Annual kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge. But don’t worry, I know this guy. He won’t be at the top long…good job Kaleb. And if you’re worried about being down now, don’t be. The scoring structure goes like this: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. Meaning the further we get into the tournament, the higher your points for correct picks. Anyway, here’s a quick screen shot of the results. Click on it to be sent to the kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge Group page and compare your picks with others. I’ll just be at home watching all the games today. Thank you wisdom teeth.
**If you ever just want to go to the Group page and check your picks, scores, standings, or whatever, just go to CBSSports.com, click ‘Log In’ at the top in the middle of the page. Once logged in, put your mouse over the ‘Fantasy’ tab(no this isn’t a joke), and a drop down should show up. Then click the kurtbranch.com link. Email me if you’re confused.** Read more

Lame-O Thursday: Idiot Australian Kid

This is kinda long, but still just shows how stupid (and lame) kids are today. I don’t want to sound like an old codger, but somebody with some authority over this kid needs to beat him till the dog runs away. I’d start by breaking his “famous” glasses, and using the shards of glass to surgically rip the nipple ring out. Let me know what you think of this idiot. *Hint* That’s what that little comment link means.

Join my CBS Bracket Challenge Group

For the second consecutive year, I am hosting the kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge Group on CBS Sportsline. There is no money involved, unless everybody decides they want to do it that way. Otherwise, you are playing for pride. So good luck. Oh, and if you think you have no clue, and you haven’t watched a game all year, then you will probably win…seriously. You will also need to create a CBS Sportsline account, if you do not have one already, but I think it only asks for your name and email, so don’t use that as an excuse.

Join the kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge Group
The group password is ‘123456789‘.

Invite your friends. The more people we have, the better the competition.

Peep Show!

I know I’m terrible to post this so close to Easter, but I thought it was funny. I have censored the poor little peeps that are being defamed in this picture. I would not suggest it, but click on the picture to see the uncensored version, but don’t blame me for your sleepless nights, sinner.