Lame-O Thursday: Too Much Top-Head

There are many a lame-o thing in this post: the fact that I watch American Idol, the fact that this guy has more top-head than anyone I’ve ever seen yet still sees the need to spike his hair up and make his head look even longer, and the fact that he took one of the coolest, yet simplest, power chord phrases and dumbed it down to a little Casio keyboard.

Lame-O Thursday: Hot Chip Strikes Again

I posted a video of this new “awesome” band a few Lame-O Thursday’s ago, and just when I thought they couldn’t get any ga…er…lamer, they release this video. Anyway, I promise this is the last time I will stain with such lameness.

Lame-O Thursday: Boom Goes the Dynamite!

I’m sure all of you have seen this, and you have to feel sorry for this guy, but it is funny, which I guess makes it lame in some way.

It’s back

I’m sure all of you will be glad to know that after a few days of maintenance, is back. I know all of you were sitting on the edge of your seats. Remember to register to post comments with the ‘Register’ link in the sidebar over there –>. Also to receive a simple email and no spam from anytime something new is posted, enter your email into the little ‘Subscribe’ box in the sidebar over there as well.

Are we rockstars or what?

Probably not (not yet), but this was on the Corner News, not something my mom did.

Lame-O Thursday: You’re My Number One Guy

Can I change the name of Lame-O Thursday to Gay-O Thursday for one week? I caught these guys (Hot Chip) on Conan O’Brien earlier this week when I was up at 2 a.m. coughing up a lung. If any of you know me, you know I am an aspiring musician. Let me just say that this group gave me all the hope beyond hopes that I will make it in the music business one day. If this group can make it to Conan O’Brien and actually be let in a recording studio, then there’s no way I can’t make it. This is the actual music video of the song. I’m trying to get their performance from Conan on here so you can all see how ga…I mean lame they are. This isn’t from 1983, it’s actually from 2008. And the fact that there is a video out with this song on it means that at least 20-30 people had to think it was a good song. Please rip off my ears if this is what is considered music today. This is so ridiculous…and yes that is a guy saying you are my number one guy.

2008 Bracket Challenge-Final Standings

Well, another year, another pitiful bracket. Congratulations to Whit Heath of Opelika, AL for taking the top spot in the 2008 Bracket Challenge. Whit will be sending a ‘Thank You’ card to the Memphis free throw percentage. His prize is one of the seven deadly sins: pride. I’d like you to notice he won despite having less correct picks than at least 30% of the field, but it just goes to show that if you can pick games further down the line, you are rewarded. Anyway, on to baseball season. It looks like the Tigers have found their way. Thanks again for playing, and next year cheese will be involved.

Just for kicks, here are the standings based by correct picks. It makes me a feel a little bit better.


2008 Bracket Challenge-Final Four Results

I’m toast. I hate you at the top.

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New ‘Recordings’ Page

Check under the Pages section of the sidebar to the right for a link to my new Recordings page. This is just a page of any kind of music I’ve been a part of and recorded within the last few years. As the heading on the page states, I’m not acting like it’s good, professional, or anything, but if you want to listen, go listen.

Lame-O Thursday: Angry Tennis Player

I’m not really sure this is lame. It’s actually kinda cool if you like self-inflicted bloody wounds. I guess the only real lame part is the tennis. I have to commend him on his dedication to his sport though.