2009 Bracket Challenge – Round 2, Day 2 Results

Thanks Marquette, or should I say die Mike Anderson. Did you see the little fake-injured-player-free-throw-switch move at the end of the game? Anyway, as everybody always says, my bracket is dead. Here are the results.

By Points:


By Picks:


2009 Bracket Challenge – Round 2, Day 1 Results

Not much to say tonight, I’m tired and there weren’t too many upsets. I do have one thing to say though: Auburn 69, LSU 53. North Carolina 84, LSU 70. Auburn beat LSU worse than UNC did. So if UNC wins the National Championship, then Auburn deserves a claim of it, right? Anyway, here are the results.

By Points:


By Picks:


See all of the results here.

2009 Bracket Challenge – Round 1, Day 2 Results

Wow. What a brutal set of games. They were awesome, but they were brutal to my bracket. Today’s standings are pretty much completely different from yesterday’s. Bottom feeders are near the top and those on top of the world yesterday or looking up at the rest of the field today. I only have three of my Sweet 16 teams gone. Only three. Anyway, here are the standings. Check back tomorrow night to see where you stand after the first day of round two.

By Points:


By Picks:


Check your bracket here.

2009 Bracket Challenge – Round 1, Day 1 Results

Here are the standings for the Third Annual kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge after the first day of the first round. I am loving the scoring system that we’re using this year. You can jump from 15th to 1st in one game. Or you can be like me and go from 1st to 13th in one game.  Anyway, here you go. Wow, that Western Kentucky win really changed things up.

Sorted by point totals:


And just for fun, sorted by correct number of picks:


Of course you can see the standings updated after every game here, and firewillheath.com is in next-to-last place.

And it begins…

The best four consecutive days of the sports year are here, and unfortunately I get to sit at home and watch every game.

Here’s my bracket if you care. Give me your thoughts.


Check back after today’s games to see the standings of the Third Annual kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge. Thanks to all that are taking part. For those that didn’t, green is your enter.

2009 kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge! Join NOW!

march-madness-2008For the third straight year, I am holding the kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge Group on CBS Sportsline. Money stuffs will be decided on if I get enough requests to throw in a few bucks. Otherwise, you are playing for pride. So good luck. Oh, and if you think you have no clue, and you haven’t watched a game all year, then you will probably win…seriously. You will also need to create a CBS Sportsline account, if you do not have one already, but I think it only asks for your name and email, so don’t use that as an excuse.

Join the kurtbranch.com Bracket Challenge Group. The group password is ‘123456789‘.

Invite your friends. The more people we have, the better the competition.

LOST Preview Published on FireWillHeath.com

FireWillHeath.com was nice enough to publish my preview of tonight’s show of shows, LOST.  If you are caught up on the show, give it a read. If you are not, I forbid you to read it. Seriously, do NOT, unless you want to ruin your life.


17-Point Play

Can anyone explain the number of foul shots to me?

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Turbo Cardio

He’s obviously making fun of himself so I don’t feel as bad for posting this or laughing at it.