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9th Place in the P90X:MC2 Contest!

I know what you’re all thinking. This website still exists? Yeah, it does. Shutup. Anyway, so most of you probably already know that I’ve been on a pretty big P90X kick the last few months. I completed the first round on July 3rd, and am currently in the 4th week of round 2 of a P90X/Insanity hybrid.

A few weeks ago, I entered a move into a P90X contest on Facebook. The moves were voted on by the public, then the top 25 were judged by Tony Horton and other Beachbody coaches. After the public vote, I was in 13th place, which moved me to round 2. The results were released today and I got 9th place out of hundreds of entries. The top 10 got mentioned in the video below.  They said my name and showed part of my move and everything. I also won a P90X t-shirt signed by Tony and my move is now up to actually be in the next P90X called P90X: MC2. Thanks to all that voted!’s Bubba Video on Rick & Bubba Show

rbheaderMy video of Bubba hitting a kid at the Regions Charity Classic was mentioned on the Rick & Bubba Show this morning. They loved the woman sitting behind me that was laughing at the shot. You can hear me and brother Clay talking on it as well. I said he “he hit ’em” and BC said “he told ’em”. You’ll understand after you watch the video. You can see it here or in my previous post. I’m expecting my check from them any day now.

You can hear the entire converstaion below (courtesy of

Rick and Bubba Talk YouTube Video

Halloween Night 2008

It was a pretty successful year. We had lots of satisfied customers, but for some reason they stopped coming after 8:30. We had one request from a neighbor to turn the scary music down because it was scaring away her trick-or-treaters which was interesting because we didn’t have a problem getting them to come up to us and tell us how awesome the yard was. Maybe her’s was just boring. I’d estimate we had over 500 people come to the door and all 500 left crying. Brother Clay and Brother Ayers came to help with scaring. Click the picture below to see the yard in full force. There aren’t too many action shots, we were too busy scaring and the girls were too busy handing out candy. I’m working on a video that I’ll put up here soon too. Let me know what you think.

Halloween Decorations 2008

These were taken tonight, a few days before Halloween. I always seem to throw a lot of stuff out there at the last minute on Halloween night, so I’ll take more pictures then too. This is just a preliminary set up. Yes, I built everything except the actual scarecrow. Give me some ideas of what needs to be changed or added. Click the picture of the Scarecrow to see the rest.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Well it’s finally here. October. Halloween time. Finally. If you don’t know, I’m a Halloween freak/geek/whatever you want to call me. I get pleasure by making three year olds run screaming from my house. My wife is embarrassed, but I can’t help it. Fear is the greatest emotion we have because the feeling of relief just after our fear subsides is even better. Ok, that was way too deep. Give me some skulls, some screams, and some blood. I know you all laugh at me, but you know it’s fun. Anyway, I’ll have some pictures of my latest creations soon, but for now check out last year’s decor.
** Note: Not really sure what’s wrong the Pictures page but you can still see them. **

Check me out on YouTube

As some of you may know, I have begun to play some music around town lately with Dallas Dorsey. Recently one Kevin Flannagan has graced us with us presence onstage for a few gigs. I have quite a few videos of our masterful performances on my YouTube channel. If you would like to run on over there and check them out, here’s the link. There is also a link on the sidebar over there ->. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and/or rate and comment each video. Here’s an example of a face-melting performance.

Wild Sweet Orange on Letterman

Some of you may know that my stepbrother-in-law, Taylor Shaw, is in a band called Wild Sweet Orange. They have been touring the country and parts of Canada for most of the year, and recently made their national TV debut on the Late Show. All these guys are from Birmingham, and grew up together. My wife, Meg, grew up going to church with the lead singer, Preston Lovinggood (and from what I’ve heard, it is…just kidding). Anyway, here’s the video from this past Friday night on Letterman:

You can also check them out on

Lame-O Thursday: KB Gets Braces

The only thing lame about this week is that I turned 26 and in the same week got braces (today). Bring on the jokes. Goodbye vampire tooth. Pictures will be posted soon.

Happy Birthday to KB!

Go KB, it’s ya birthday.
We gonna sit at work like it’s ya birthday.
We gonna sip on water like it’s ya birthday.
And we not gonna act like it’s ya birthday!

You can find me in my cube, bottle full of Sprite.
Look mama I got the skills if you into websites.
I’m into javascript, I ain’t looking to debug.
So come give me a hug if you need this project done.

Yes I just made all that up (sung to the tune of In Da Club by 50 Cent). Yes I know all of you are saying that this belongs on Lame-O Thursday, but I don’t care. It’s my birthday, and I can white boy rap if want to. Anyway, I’m 26. Childhood is over. Life has begun. The only positive point from this day is that most rock stars (Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain) didn’t die until they were 27, so I’m looking good.

You can donate to my birthday fund (give a present) below.

Actually my only birthday wish is that the millions of visitors will make that little thing up there that says ‘0 comments’, say at least ‘5 comments’. Come on…do it for the birthday boy!

Halloween 2007 with Video

I’ve now posted a video of some pictures from my Halloween decorations for this year. Click the picture of the grim reaper below to see the rest…