kurtbranch.com’s Bubba Video on Rick & Bubba Show

rbheaderMy video of Bubba hitting a kid at the Regions Charity Classic was mentioned on the Rick & Bubba Show this morning. They loved the woman sitting behind me that was laughing at the shot. You can hear me and brother Clay talking on it as well. I said he “he hit ’em” and BC said “he told ’em”. You’ll understand after you watch the video. You can see it here or in my previous post. I’m expecting my check from them any day now.

You can hear the entire converstaion below (courtesy of RickandBubba.com):

Rick and Bubba Talk YouTube Video

  1. And by the way, the video was shot on the Kodak Zi6 in full HD.


    Make sure if you watch the video to click the HD button.

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